Gluten-free Meetjesland

Gluten-free meals

You can eat gluten-free at 12 addresses in Meetjesland. These 12 restaurants pamper customers and serve delicious, gluten-free food. You don't always have to let them know in advance, but that is useful and will probably result in better service. Some restaurants do specifically ask for gluten-free reservations.

De Boshoeve (Lembeke)

Located at the edge of Lembeekse Bossen, it's a pleasant place for a beverage or a snack. It also offers a large selection of hot and cold dishes. De Boshoeve has a wide selection of gluten-free dishes and a few biweekly suggestions. Ice cream and pancakes are homemade and can be requested gluten-free.

Eetablissement De Cluysenaer (Ertvelde-Kluizen)

In our restaurant you can enjoy 'Flemish Gastronomy', enriched with Scottish Single Malt whisky if desired. We offer a gluten-free alternative for every menu if you mention the gluten allergy when making a reservation. We will surprise you with fresh products and delicious flavours. Our collection of Scottish Single Malt whiskies appeals to the imagination. We offer whisky and wine arrangements with the meal. Our whiskies can be tasted or purchased, obligation-free.

Diederick van Assenede (Assenede)

Restaurant Diederick van Assenede was called “Klein Assenede” for 13 years. The restaurant moved to a new building in the Diederikstraat, only 100 metres from the old location, in September 2009. It is a gastronomic restaurant where you can dine in a cosy atmosphere. The manager, who is also the chef, gladly creates culinary evenings filled with fresh products linked to the season. The chef, Frank Mertens, is also the owner. He gladly comes to the table to advise customers in need of a gluten-free choice. He knows exactly what's in the dishes since 90% of the ingredients are homemade. You can choose to have items grilled or fried in oil.

Hoveniershuis (Evergem-Wippelgem)

Het Hoveniershuis became a fixture in a short period of time. Generous dishes with a modern twist. Craftsmanship in the kitchen is translated into creative dishes that change weekly. From snacks to desserts, Hoveniershuis guarantees delicious, contemporary creations that can be made gluten-free or for which a equivalent alternative is provided.

Middenstandshuis (Eeklo)

In Middenstandshuis you can choose from gluten-free dishes in consultation with the chef. Middenstandshuis guarantees gluten-fee dishes and ensures a tasty meal. Desserts can also be adapted to our customer's wishes. Visit this restaurant and become acquainted with its gluten-free dishes.

De Muze (Knesselare)

Petra & Jos offer their guests an extremely varied menu with homemade dishes in a renovated setting. You can choose from grilled fish and meat dishes, pasta dishes, salads, daily suggestions, fixed menus or party formulas. It' a true discovery. Homemade ice cream is served in the afternoon, but the other desserts are also worth discovering. Dishes are prepared in an open kitchen on ‘Josper’, an oven/closed grill with Argentinean charcoal.

Brasserie Niveau (Watervliet)

The well-known pancake house ’s Lands Welvaren was converted into a café brasserie by Geert and Els in April 2004. Customers are greeted in an Irish-inspired interior. The bar is a real eye-catcher. The interior was concocted by Els and Geert. In the middle of the room thee is an authentic Celtic cross that they purchased in Kilkenny, Ireland. Brasserie Niveau offers various gluten-free dishes. When making a reservation, please indicate if someone wants gluten-free dishes. Niveau only uses fresh products and homemade sauces.

Pandora (Watervliet)

Lucie and Evert warmly welcome you. Some people take for granted that restaurants offer a large menu. For others that large menu is a huge limitation because they have to eat gluten-free. Pandora works with fresh products, so (almost) every dish can be adapted for you - with a smile!

't Schuttershof (Assenede)

Brasserie 't Schuttershof in Assenede invites you to taste delicious dishes in an attractive and cosy setting. The dishes we serve are prepared fresh with seasonal vegetables. The chef makes gluten-free adjustments for different dishes on the menu. Would you like to test the chef's cooking skills? Come and dine in 't Schuttershof; you'll be welcomed with enthusiasm!

Stadhuis van Raverschoot (Adegem)

In 't Stadhuis van Raverschoot you can dine of lunch in one of the oldest pubs in Meetjesland. The year 1846 is painted on the façade. It was a stopping place. A unique place, linked to the history of the Lieve Canal that once flowed here. Now it gives its channel to the Schipdonk Canal, where hundreds of cyclists pass by. The name 'Stadhuis' explicitly refers to the city of Ghent, which once owned the entire Lieve channel. We serve fresh products and the chef gladly makes gluten-free adaptations of various dishes on the menu.

De Warande (Bentille)

Chef Dirk Boelens, his wife Mireille and their team are ready to spoil you in a beautiful setting. Years of experience and extra training are reflected in the entire experience. De Warande's calling card is the perfect combination of wines, dishes and the freshness of the products. They show respect for nature and use regional products. The menus are put together with natural ingredients and without thickeners. If the chef is informed in advance, he can adapt his menu. De Warande also offers gluten-free bread.